Our clients come to us when they have been wrongfully denied benefits by Social Security. They can’t work because of their disability and often are without medical insurance or another source of income. One of the rewards of our practice is to be able to make a difference in our clients’ lives by helping them obtain disability benefits and medical insurance. We do this work because we care about people and we want to help.

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Disabled Workers are entitled to SSD Benefits:

The lawyers at the Law Office of Donna Simpson wish to convey to all potential clients the important truth that Social Security Disability benefits are not a government handout. Rather, they are a payout for workers who have made insurance premium payments to the government throughout their careers. When disability occurs, Social Security Disability is available to act as a safety net for people who are no longer able to work as they did before.

A knowledgeable Social Security Disability lawyer at the Law Office of Donna Simpson can guide applicants through the appeals process and give an individual their best chance at approval.

At the Law Office of Donna Simpson, we have been helping disabled people receive Social Security Disability for over a quarter century. We want to help you, too.
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